Our innovative, unique and patent protected overlapping garments are world -famous for theirstate of the art design, highquality, optimal treatment and comfort. We are proud to be the pioneering leaders in offering groundbreaking garments .

Garments for use with the PCD-51and PCD-52™

Four Chamber Garments :

Lympha Press® , 4 Chamber Leg Sleeve

Lympha Press® , 4 Chamber Arm Sleeve


Eight Chamber Garments :

Lympha Press® , 8 Chamber Leg Sleeve


PCD Pants

Garments for use with Lympha Press Optimal ® Plus and Lympha Press® 201 Max

Comfysleeve™ , 12 Chambers Leg Sleeve

FL Leg Sleeve

Comfysleeve™ 1-75

Lympha Jacket ®

Lympha Pants ®

Lympha Pants® XL

Lympha Pod ®( Optimal® Plus Only)